Agent Information Software, Inc. (AIS), today reported a net income of $191,058 for the year ended December 31, 2015, up $18,921 or 11.0% over previous year’s net income. The net income was higher than the beginning of year forecast by $18,279 or 10.6%. Net sales for the year ended December 31, 2015 were $4,739,109, which met the forecast and were up $234,092 or 5.2% from $4,505,017 for the same period last year, due to the increase of recurring revenues.

For  the  year  ending  December  31,  2015,  the  company continued  to  build  on  its  core  strength  as  well  as  look at new opportunities. The company continues to focus on delivery of their AGent Library Management Platform via SaaS model. As an innovator at providing library solutions via SaaS model the company continues to build on their success of SHAREit™ and VERSO™.

As noted last year, the company was successful with the award of two new SHAREit statewide resource-sharing solutions for South Dakota and Indiana. These sites have begun the initial implementation phase and will go live in 2016.   The company continues  to  remain  upbeat  as  more  states  have  inquired about the  development of resource sharing initiatives that would commence in late 2016 or 2017. Clearly, the advantages of the company’s innovative products and its flexibility are key to the interest they are seeing in these new opportunities. Sales  for  2015  were  up  by  5.2%  overall  from  2014,  with  US  library  sales  of  recurring  revenue  up  7.7%.

About Agent Information Software, Inc.
Founded in 1950 and operating under the name Auto-Graphics, Inc. since 1969, Agent Information Software, Inc. (AIS) develops innovative information and data management solutions for multiple platforms that are standards-compliant, built on open systems architecture and available through the Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted delivery model. AIS’ technical ingenuity and reputation for service excellence make us a trusted partner to more than 11,000 libraries, throughout North America. Customers across multiple industries use their information and data management systems, including a range of library markets such as public, academic, school, special and consortia, and meet the needs of customers in the legal, financial, publishing, aerospace, and manufacturing markets. For more information, or

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